Making protecting our coral reef more affordable.

Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3) an ingredient found in a number of sunscreens. Not only can it trigger allergic reactions, Oxybenzone is damaging our coral reef.

Oxybenzone has been linked to coral bleaching and die-offs. The toxic ingredient causes endocrine disruption and the coral to crumbles within itself. This creates a detrimental flow on effect on the environment.

According to new research, toxicity occurs at a concentration of 63 parts per trillion. That is the equivalent to one drop of water in an Olympic (50m) swimming pool.  A 200ml sunscreen with 2.0% Oxybenzone will contain 4ml of the toxic ingredient. There are 12 drops in a millilitre so that is 48 drops, causing potential damage to 120,000,000L of lagoon!

Many experts are now recommending that it should not be used on children, therefore you will find that a lot of children’s sunscreens now contain a safer mineral filters such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. CITC has been working with key brands L’Oreal and Aloe Up to bring in quality brands that do not contain Oxybenzone at affordable pricing that are safe for our environment.

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