Cook Islands Trading Corporation Limited (CITC) is the largest and longest-serving business enterprise in the Cook Islands. CITC operates as an importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of a wide variety of products through several divisions based in Rarotonga, each being part of the one corporate entity. The business enterprise has over 130 years of history. CITC employs over 350 staff. Its operations include the following:

CITC Avarua

CITC Avarua

Rarotonga’s flagship department store, including fashion and souvenirs

CITC Supermarket

CITC Food Group

Rarotonga’s largest Supermarket plus four additional stores

CITC Building Centre

Rarotonga’s leading outlet for building and home improvement supplies

CITC Pharmacy

Rarotonga’s premier pharmacy, providing prescription and over-the-counter medications

CITC Liquor

CITC Liquor

Rarotonga’s leading supplier of quality beverages

Duty Free<br />

CITC Duty Free

Located in the Arrival and Departure Terminals at Rarotonga International Airport

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