There will be no excuses for littering at Avarua primary school with the instalment of a new recycling station donated by CITC, as part of their environmental conservation programme.

The funds used to purchase the recycling bins and signs come from the money received from the priced plastic bags at CITC supermarkets. The 10c received for each plastic bag goes towards the purchase of the recycle stations for schools on the island.  Avarua primary is the third school on the island to receive the recycling bins and there are still eight schools yet to receive their recycling stations.

CITC’s key brands manager George George says that Avarua school deserves to have the recycling station, being the largest primary school on Rarotonga.
George says they are waiting for funds to build up first before donating another recycling station to the next lucky school. Lotiola Mateariki, Maori Teacher and media spokesperson, drew Papaaroa College as the next fortunate recipient of a brand new recycling station.

The bright colours and labels attached to the new recycling bins will enable students to develop the habit of recycling and then practice this habit in the home.  The large print labels attached to the coloured recycling bins make it easier for the younger children to recycle too.

Principal of Avarua primary Mona Herman says that it is exciting and a pleasure to receive the new recycling station that has replaced their old recycling system. Herman says, that educating children about recycling is an ongoing process and the new recycling station should encourage the children to separate their rubbish.