Long Service Awards – late 2017

long service awards 2017

Long Service Awards – late 2017

I know we all understand the value of our Long Service Awards.  However, I had a conversation with the Supermarket team later in the afternoon that really hit home.

One of Monika’s team did not want to come yesterday but Monika asked her to.  She told me she was happy she came as she felt appreciated.  I said but you are appreciated, the response from the group was “But now we feel appreciated.” That is so very important to staff.

We have come a long, long way since we started doing these awards beginning in 2010.  The first ones being held in the meeting room at Foodland.

We now have Trevor saying something personal and funny about the recipients, the current venue, food, the many, many Ei’s and the mix and mingling go a long way to making our team feel special and appreciated.

Congratulations Monika for having 6 Supermarket Retail staff members achieve their five years’ service.

Thank you to everyone that takes the time and makes the effort to ensure that these awards are special.  Not just for the staff that are receiving the awards but also for the staff who attend them.  It’s important that we have these awards to show the appreciation that is felt for the people who make it possible for our business to grow and prosper. Thank you all and we look forward to the next awards in 2018!

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