Long Service Awards 2017

long service award

Long Service Awards 2017

Once again it was time to honor the staff whom have been with the Company for 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years.

This time the ceremony was held up at the Tuoro Cafe.  It was one of the biggest crowds we’ve had for a Long Service ceremony and there were lots of both 5 and 20 year recipients!

Trevor was very proud to provide a little story about each candidate and there were many ei’s provided from both staff and Management.

As each recipient was called up, you could see the excitement and pride on each face.  In the audience were Director, Donald McKegg’s daughters, Tegan and Samantha, both of whom really enjoyed the ceremony.

Everyone also enjoyed the bountiful snacks provided after the ceremony.  Thank you Tuoro Cafe!

The 20 year honorees included Miss Gaye, Helen Matheson, Mavis Teaurima, Emily Tangimetua and Ben Rairoa.

For those of you who have attended these ceremonies in the past, you will understand the pleasure that all the Management takes in honoring their long time staff.

For those of you whom have not yet attended one, we hope you will stay with the Company long enough to earn your 5, 10, 15 or 20 year certificate!

What a wonderful way to say thank you to our long service staff!  It truly does feel like a family gathering with everyone smiling and proud.

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