Very soon now, you may see the occasional purple or pink cow on the streets of Rarotonga!

CITC, in partnership with Anchor, would like to help promote the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink message throughout our schools in Rarotonga.  Anchor products, as a part of a balanced diet, allow children to build strong bodies and through art, children can stimulate their creative minds.

All Schools on Rarotonga have been invited to participate in the first CITC and Anchor Cow Art Sculpture competition.  There will be two levels for the competition, one for the Primary schools and another for the Secondary Schools.

To begin, each school will collect as many electronic till receipts with Anchor products purchased on them during March 2012 and the school that collects the most receipts will WIN Anchor flavoured milk for the whole school!

Next, the schools will reuse, reshape, rethink, and recreate Anchor packaging to produce an amazing Cow sculpture for a chance to WIN up to $3000!  Sculpture entry will be closed on April 30th.

In addition to the prizes, once the winners have been announced, each of the sculptures will be auctioned to the public and all the proceeds will be given back to that school to fund a recycling project of their choice.