Upgrade to Kavera Central

Upgrade to Kavera Central

CITC’s Revamped Kavera Central Store was officially opened on Monday, 10 April 2017.  A large number of invited guests attended the event, including the landowners, Tinomana Ariki Tokerau and other traditional leaders, CITC representatives including director Trevor Clarke and General Manager Gaye Whitta.

Cook Islands News was there to record the opening of the new-look store.  Kavera also has a modern fuel dispenser and a revamped takeaway store.  There’s an ice cream bar and the store also serves smoothies!

Overall, the work was broken down in 3 phases, building works, which was completed by Bill and the Land holding team (roughly 6 weeks), Refrigeration and Maintenance Teams Putu and Gregs Team (roughly 6 weeks), Satellite Stores Team and Kavera Central staff, 3 days and in the meantime between IT, HR and Admin all working in the background to ensure we had the shop and staff ready to go on the day.

It was big challenge, especially as the timeframe became tighter and tighter and a few of us were getting more stressed as the opening day got closer and closer, but everything came together and after a fantastic day for the store opening function on the Monday it was all down to business for Uta and his team on Tuesday.

If you haven’t already, be sure to pop down to the store in Kavera and have yourself a delicious ice-cream while you check out all the handy work of the CITC Teams.

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