Comparative Pricing

The price of common grocery items and fresh meat in Supermarkets is comparable with Supermarkets in NZ.  Many grocery items are actually cheaper in Rarotonga.  See below for some examples.

(pricing subject to change)

 NZ Supermarket Price  Rarotonga Supermarket Price
Lamb shoulder chops $12.99 kg $10.50 kg
Rump steak $19.99 kg $19.50 kg
Skinless Chicken Breast $17.99 kg $12.70 kg
Chicken Thigh Fillets Skinless $17.50 kg $9.50 kg
 Mainland Cheese Block 250gm  $6.09 $5.70
 WeetBix 375gm $3.69 $3.50
 Treasures Nappies 18pk  $10.00 $12.90