Staff Benefits

CITC offers everyone who works for them staff discounts at Avarua Shopping Centre, our Surf Stores, Pharmacy, Building Centre and Liquor. For major purchases such as furniture or if you are building a house we offer larger discounts.

At Christmas every staff member is entitled to Wholesale prices at CITC Supermarket and CITC Liquor, this is a great saving for families at this time of year.

We make up baby packages for our new mums or for dads whose partner gives birth.
We make up bereavement packages for any staff who loses a member of their close family to help with their catering

We support wellbeing initiatives for our staff by;
• Supporting them to Quit Smoking
• We provide flu vaccinations at landed cost each year to protect our team from the worst bugs
• Our New Zealand qualified Pharmacist runs warrant of fitness checks each year which includes, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. Our pharmacist will work in partnership with any staff member who wants or needs support to become healthier.
• Partner with local gyms for discount membership,
• We join the Corporate Oe Vaka (paddling) challenge every year entering teams from all CITC Divisions, many of the Divisions having more than one team
• We run CITC fun days which are always activity/health based
• We support Cultural dancing and performing events by running in-house competitions between the Divisions
• One of our motto’s – Family Comes First

CITC sponsors the Prince of Wales annual school sports event. This is a great opportunity for any mums and Dads that have children taking part to volunteer at the event, watch their children participate and still get paid.