Human Resources

Human Resources

CITC employs over 400 staff.

The Human Resources Division is responsible for recruiting and training all staff as well as administrating employee benefit programmes, driving annual appraisals and health and safety procedures and monitoring consistency throughout all Divisions of CITC.

CITC’s training programmes are extensive.  CITC’s policy is that all staff must undertake at least one training programme per annum.  CITC certificates are issued for in-house training programmes.

CITC has entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Cook Islands Tertiary Training (a Government authority) which allows CITC to operate as an off-site training facility to run accredited training programmes.  These culminate in NZQA Accredited Certificates.  CITC has also introduced City & Guilds accredited training programmes in retail skills at award certificate and diploma levels.

External trainers are engaged for skills-specific job requirements such as forklift training, first aid, fire fighting, food safety, Excel skills and conflict management.

CITC has formal but flexible payscales and provides an extensive range of benefits to staff (eg purchasing discounts, medical benefits, baby packages, bereavement packages).

CITC has established itself as a preferred employer in the Cook Islands.